The reflourescence of Northeast Ohio as a prosperous, vibrant, and dynamic community depends upon the creation of an economic base adapted to 21st century realities. Of the many factors which contribute to such a "re-invention", the Arminius Foundation focuses on the following three.


Thousands of superb job opportunities in NE Ohio already go unfilled for want of appropriately qualified applicants. The number of companies that avoid NE Ohio because it lacks the work force required by a modern economy cannot be counted. And no company will locate in an area, regardless of how much free land or tax abatement is offered, where the children of its employees have to go to substandard schools.

To address this issue, the Arminius Foundation supports innovative programs in K-12 education designed to elevate the performance of students in the NE Ohio area. The Foundation supports such programs in both traditional public schools and in public charter schools.


The vast majority of new jobs in America are created by small businesses. Some immeasurable amount of innovation springs from new businesses. A dynamic, 21st century economy requires heavy doses of both. Accordingly, the Arminius Foundation supports programs designed to assist and accelerate the creation and expansion of new and small businesses in NE Ohio.


The centrality of information technology in our modern economy cannot be exaggerated. Where technology intersects with the themes of education and entrepreneurship, it leverages the impact of initiatives in those areas to a powerful degree. The Arminius Foundation, therefore, not only supports initiatives to enhance technology per se in the NE Ohio area, but takes particular interest in programs that integrate technological innovation with education and entrepreneurship.

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