Major Investments

Beneficiaries of the Arminius Foundation are non-profit organizations focused on innovative approaches to education, entrepreneurship, and technology in the Norheast Ohio area. Principal among these are listed below.

Shaker Heights City School District

Based in Shaker Heights, the Arminius Foundation has been a strong supporter of the local public schools, long renowned for a tradition of excellence and innovation in K-12 education. Initiatives have included:

  • 2014: Support for the Innovative Center for Personalized Learning, a new District facility for on-line learning for students and faculty
  • 2013: Support for upgrade of the high school planetarium, used almost constantly for programs at all grade levels.
  • 2012: Acquisition of Waterford© self-paced reading program licenses for all elementary schools through 2nd grade
  • 2011: Sponsorship of the Arminius Prize for teachers who develop the most meaningful metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of technology in the classroom
  • 2010: Initial support for the Legacy Fund of the Shaker Schools Foundation
  • 2008: Support for classroom technology upgrades in all Shaker school buildings
  • 2007: Turning Point© interactive systems for select Social Studies and Foreign Language classrooms in the highschool
  • 2004: Turning Point© interactive systems for all high school science classrooms

Breakthrough Schools

The Breakthrough Schools, consisting of Village Preparatory School, Entrepreneurial Preparatory School, Citizens Academy, and the Intergenerational Schools, are the top-performing charter schools for grades K-8 in NE Ohio, as measured by student achievement and progress. The Breakthrough Schools are now affiliated with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and are a critical component of the District's "Cleveland Plan" for elevating student performance.

  • 2011: Support for the Growth Drive of the Breakthrough Schools
  • 2009: Acquisition of Waterford© self-paced learning program licenses for the incipient Village Preparatory Schools

LightHouse Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (LEAP)

LEAP is a program developed by Shaker LaunchHouse, in conjunction with the Shaker Heights Development Corporation, and funded by the Arminius Foundation, to help local high school entrepreneurs build and develop their own small businesses. Begun as a summer program in 2013, LEAP is scheduled to roll out "LEAP 2.0" in the fall of 2013 in order to continue support for successful graduates of the summer program.


OneCommunity provides high-speed, fiber optic broadband service in NE Ohio. It has created one of the fastest networks in the country for the area's non-profits, including schools, hospitals, government agencies, and cultural institutions.

  • 2009: The Arminius Foundation provided the initial funding for grant applications that resulted in over $60 million in federal funding for broadband build-out and outreach programs in Ohio
  • 2004: Support for operations in the early development stage of OneCommunity (then OneCleveland)

Scranton Road Ministries

2014 Support for upgrade of Community Computer Lab, used by hundreds of under-served area residents for academic programs affiliated with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, computer literacy classes, and job-hunting

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